Industrial Packaging and Transport Services

We Are Your Reliable Partner With Years of Experience in Industrial Packaging

Thanks to our experience in industrial packaging for machinery transportation, we can help you find the optimal solution for air freight, sea freight and road transport. Does your shipment require anything special? We can design packaging that will fit your requirements to a T – based on weather conditions, final destination, logistics, and the shipment specifics.

We know that packaging works to protect your goods at all times. We will choose the right packaging, make sure your shipment is packed properly and will arrive at the final destination intact.

We strive for the highest quality and we work hard to keep your shipments safe during all modes of transport. We are not afraid of long distance, we know how to handle heavy items and we are flexible enough to excel at the most complex projects. With us, you will always get a tailored solution for your packaging, assembly, dismantling and transportation needs.

We have years of experience in industrial packaging and shipment packaging for export. Axxum Packaging Czech Republic is a part of Axxum concern. It was founded in 1992 and currently represents 32 companies based in six European countries. Our team comprises of more than 1200 professionals in logistics and industrial packaging.