About Us

For almost a decade, we've been protecting your consignments and saving your time. 

Our service is based on your needs and we provide tailored packaging that meets your requirements perfectly. We can transport your goods to any destination in the world – safe, secured and protected from weather conditions. You can also rely on our designed industrial machinery transportation. We are up for any technical challenge!

Our journey started in 2010 – our first branch was first established in Slaný, Czech Republic. We haven't stopped expanding ever since! In 2013, we opened new branches in Brno and Kladno, and a year later, in Prostějov. Since March 2017, we have been manufacturing export containers, container pallets, transport pallets, and specialized wooden structures (in Modřice u Brna). Our Czech team comprises of 160 experts.

With years of experience, we are able to bring optimal flexible packaging materials, machinery, and assembly service that meet the needs of our customers. We value Just in Time and Just in Sequence principles and always act accordingly. 

Thanks to our expert knowledge in logistics we are able to handle all your packaging requirements.

Axxum Packaging Czech Republic s.r.o. is a part of Axxum business concern consisting of 32 companies in six European countries, with more than 1200 employees who excel at their roles in export packaging, packaging manufacturing, and logistics.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.